Embryology Electronic Poster Guidelines

Your electronic poster should prepared to fit into the template PowerPoint slide.

Pixels: 1080 wide x 1920 high
Centimetres: 28.575 wide x 50.8 high

It doesn't matter whether you work in cm or pixels. What is important is that the width to height (aspect) ratio is maintained. Aspect ratio can be set by going to Design and then Page Setup in PowerPoint.

Once your PowerPoint slide is complete, it should be saved as an image: Selecting Save As and click the Save as Type dropdown and select one of the following:

  • JPEG File Interchange Format (*.jpg)
  • Device Independent Bitmap (*.bmp)
Your poster should not be more than one page. It is suggested that you use normal Arial or Calibri and that your font size is no smaller than 20pt. A light background with dark lettering would also give the best display.

Your electronic poster should be emailed to Kerryf@turnergroup.co.za by no later than the 15th October 2015.