President SASREG

Dear Colleagues & Friends,

On behalf of the SASREG committee, I invite you to the 2015 National SASREG Congress to be held in Johannesburg from the October 2015 until 1 November 2015. The theme will be "New trends in endoscopy and infertility" and all the top speakers from our country will be there to enrich us with their knowledge.

The venue will be the Investec Centre in Sandton, a modern new facility with excellent lecture facilities and a large exhibition area. The scientific programme will include topics of interest to the reproductive medicine specialist and advanced endoscopist, but there will also be topics for the general gynaecologist who wishes to improve their endoscopy or fertility skills. Break away rooms for embryologists, fertility nurses and fertility counsellors will be a new feature of this congress to further develop our vision of an inclusive society.

SASREG will host an endoscopy / infertility conference every 2nd year, alternating with the main SASOG congress. There is an increasing demand for teaching in endoscopy and infertility, both for undergraduates and for the qualified gynaecologist. Our society being the daughter body of SASOG for endoscopy and reproductive medicine, aims to address this need at this key conference.

Dr Merwyn Jacobson and Dr Chris Venter are the Convenors of this congress in Johannesburg, and we thank them for all their efforts in making this exciting event happen. I also thank Prof Thinus Kruger, the scientific chair, for creating a programme that can't be missed. Dr Abri de Bruin, the chair of our SASREG Endoscopy Sub-Committee, will add experienced input for the Endoscopy component of the meeting.

The social programme will be an added incentive to attend this congress...!!

A time to catch up with old friends, and meet new younger colleagues entering the field of endoscopy and infertility.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

President - SASREG

Chair: Endoscopy Section: SASREG

Dear Colleagues & Friends,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the SASREG 2015 Congress titled "New debates in endoscopy and infertility" which will be held at the Investec Conference Centre from 30 OCTOBER - 1 NOVEMBER 2015.

What is very important to us when planning this event to make sure that the philosophy of the Society of encompassing reproductive medicine and endoscopy is showcased in the congress. We want to have relevant, important and practical aspects of gynaecological endoscopy covered in the congress. I believe that we achieved this with the topics covered in the programme. We will be covering endoscopy issues that we are all faced with in daily practice. The scientific programme will be presented by renowned endoscopic surgeons, distinguished key-note speakers and opinion leaders from South Africa. We have well respected skilled endoscopic surgeons in our own country and this congress is by South Africans for South Africans!

We anticipate seeing all our old friends and making new acquaintances in Johannesburg and sharing experiences and exchanging new ideas.

The Congress will be a success through your participation and industry's sponsorships; as their support enables us to achieve our mission in this field by providing our patients with the best medical care possible.

On behalf of the endoscopy arm of SASREG, I invite you to our meeting.

Warm Regards

Chair: Endoscopy Section: SASREG


To all our Embryologists,

We are pleased to announce a three day SASREG National conference in October 2015 at the Investec Centre, Sandton.

This convention offers a unique opportunity for all embryologists to exchange ideas and to gain knowledge, as well as fresh perspectives on assisted reproduction technologies.

The conference will be initiated on Friday 30 October with practical hands-on workshops; followed with keynote lectures on the Istanbul Consensus Workshops by international distinguished presenters. Lectures on hot topics in reproductive genetics and ethics, cryopreservation, spermatology and quality management will be addressed in four trilogies on Saturday 31 October. Sunday 1 November is dedicated towards oral presentations of home-grown research by interns and students who are completing or completed their post graduate studies in the past 2 years. Due to time-constraints only a few oral presentations can be accommodated on the Sunday. Poster presentations by all researchers are encouraged and can be viewed during the conference. We hope to award the best poster and oral presentations for both individual and collaborative studies. Information on the format of abstracts, poster and oral presentations will be circulated in May with due dates to follow.

We hope not only to present facts and figures, but to stir debates and alternative viewpoints, with the opportunity to intermingle and socialise. The success of the conference will depend on your participation as well as industry's interest and sponsorships.

Therefore initiate contingency work plans timeously to ensure that you do not miss this unique opportunity!


SIG Embryology SASREG